Rabbi Yitzchak taught that “A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is consulted.”

— Babylonian Talmud Berachot 55a

Baltimore needs leaders who will represent all of us, and who are accountable to the whole community. That’s why we vote, and why we take seriously Rabbi Yitzchak’s teaching that community input is essential for choosing who will lead our city.

And it’s why the JUFJ Campaign Fund was founded ten years ago — to help elect leaders who will fight for our Jewish values, to advocate for issues that matter to the whole Baltimore community, and to hold our representatives to the commitments they make.

The JUFJ Campaign Fund is proud to endorse:

Brandon Scott endorsement graphic

Brandon Scott for Baltimore City Mayor

Brandon Scott’s accomplishments as Mayor are not to be understated – particularly his administration’s significant role in reducing homicides by 20%, and their pilot and expansion of a 9-1-1 Diversion Behavioral Health program, a non-police crisis response effort. That said, we and our partners in the Campaign for Justice Safety & Jobs were disappointed and frustrated with his lack of follow-through on commitments he made in the last election to examine the Baltimore City Police Department’s (BPD) budget to identify areas where spending could be reduced, increase community oversight of police, and swiftly implement local control of the BPD. Further, he either failed to follow through on budget commitments to support renters struggling to stay housed, or only did so with significant public pressure from us and our partners in the Baltimore Renter Solidarity Coalition. However, the other frontrunner in this race, Sheila Dixon, is running with significant support from David Smith executive Chairman of the pro-Trump, conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group, and new owner of the Baltimore Sun. A new Dixon administration would likely be aligned with his agenda and would be a huge setback for the progressive movement in our city. The stakes are high- David Smith has successfully passed harmful ballot measures, (which he seeks to do again this election cycle) and is intent on drastically reducing city revenue to shrink city government and services. We can’t let this agenda win.

Bill Henry endorsement graphic

Bill Henry for Baltimore City Comptroller

Comptroller Bill Henry has been a supporter of JUFJ’s campaigns for years, including vocally advocating for local control of the Baltimore City Police Department and sponsoring the bill we helped pass to expand rental licensing to make housing safer for renters. Before being sworn in as Comptroller in 2020, Henry served as a City Councilperson for three terms. His breadth of experience and his commitment to our values is a win for our city.

Zeke Cohen endorsement graphic

Zeke Cohen for Baltimore City Council President

Councilmember Zeke Cohen has been a longtime ally of our 501c3 sister organization JUFJ, championing many of their issues, particularly on renters rights, and also serving as a founding member of JUFJ’s Baltimore Advisory Council (now called the Leadership Council). Both Councilman Cohen and Shannon Sneed are strong candidates with track records that are aligned with our values. In addition, both candidates have received JUFJ Campaign Fund endorsements. We chose to endorse Cohen because we believe that by joining the community and labor groups who have already endorsed him, we will be able to build the most power toward unseating incumbent Council President Nick Mosby, who has been an impediment to passing progressive policy through City Council.

Mark Parker endorsement graphic

Mark Parker for Baltimore City Council, District 1

Mark Parker is a Lutheran pastor who has been deeply involved in serving the Southeast Baltimore community. He is a big proponent for more affordable housing and supportive housing programs. He is opposed to the dangerous Renew Baltimore ballot initiative or any reduction of property taxes that would negatively impact the budget.

Ryan Dorsey endorsement graphic

Ryan Dorsey for Baltimore City Council, District 3

Councilmember Ryan Dorsey has a solid progressive record, supporting all of the JUFJ Campaign Fund’s priorities. He has been a strong advocate for affordable housing, public transportation, and equitable development. His strong progressive record and commitment to justice will no doubt continue to improve the lives of Baltimoreans.

Sharon Green Middleton endorsement graphic

Sharon Green Middleton for Baltimore City Council, District 6

Councilmember Middleton has a strong record, having worked to create the City’s Security Deposit Assistance Program, and having been the lead sponsor of the Water Accountability and Equity Act. While we had a public disagreement with Councilmember Middleton regarding her sponsorship of the Security Deposit Alternatives Bill, she is the longest serving municipal officer, and will bring her wealth of experience into discussions in the council chambers and out in the community.

James Torrence endorsement graphic

James Torrence for Baltimore City Council, District 7

Councilmember James Torrence has been a progressive ally for the last four years and is aligned with JUFJ’s values and policy issues including addressing the police budget, supporting rent stabilization, and speaking out about the importance of regulating FRT (facial recognition technology).

Paris Gray endorsement graphic

Paris Gray for Baltimore City Council, District 8

Paris Gray is currently the Community Outreach Coordinator for our longtime ally, Councilmember Kristerfer Burnett, who is not seeking re-election. In addition to his deep knowledge of the needs of District 8, Gray understands how city agencies work and wants to empower constituents so outreach coordinators like him won’t be necessary. He has expressed strong support of our policy agenda, including rent stabilization and reallocating funding from the Baltimore Police Department into anti-violence and mentorship programs.

Phylicia Porter endorsement graphic

Phylicia Porter for Baltimore City Council, District 10

Councilmember Phylicia Porter has been a progressive ally for the last four years, aligned with JUFJ’s values and policy issues. She is supportive of rent stabilization and was one of the key votes to uphold the veto of the harmful RHINO legislation that would have hurt renters.

Zac Blanchard endorsement graphic

Zac Blanchard for Baltimore City Council, District 11

Zac Blanchard is far more aligned with JUFJCF and our issues than the District 11 incumbent, Councilmember Eric Costello, who is one of the most conservative voices on the City Council. Blanchard is an advocate for equitable development, including levying a vacancy tax to reduce vacant housing. This endorsement aligns with those of other organizations such as Progressive Maryland, the Sierra Club, and Clean Water Action.

Jermaine Jones endorsement graphic

Jermaine Jones for Baltimore City Council, District 12

Jermaine Jones grew up and lives in the Oliver neighborhood of Baltimore. When he saw that his neighbors were not getting what they needed from the city, he was inspired to run and improve city and constituent services. Jones previously served as the president of Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO and is a longtime leader in the labor movement. As a City Councilmember, he will be committed to addressing the root causes of crime by investing in education and youth, and ensuring economic development within the community. 

Odette Ramos endorsement graphic

Odette Ramos for Baltimore City Council, District 14

Councilmember Odette Ramos has been a consistent, responsive ally to JUFJ throughout her tenure. Her focus and diligent work on housing, education, water, and police accountability are fully aligned with our values. She has a deep understanding and commitment to equity in the city, and is incredibly passionate about ensuring the Latine community has access to City services and City government.

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