Lindy joined the JUFJ Campaign Fund in November of 2023. As our communications manager, she is responsible for our quirky emails, social media content, and action alerts. She is also someone you can reach out to if you need help editing an op-ed or testimony. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the JUFJ Campaign Fund website, or if something on the website seems wrong, please let her know!

In addition to their communications and marketing work, Lindy serves on the board of Pro-Choice Maryland as one of their Policy and Endorsement Co-Chairs, and volunteers with Abortion Action Missouri. They have over four years of experience working with nonprofits and on political campaigns.

Before working at the JUFJ Campaign Fund, Lindy previously worked in digital marketing on state and city-wide political campaigns in Pennsylvania, including a Philadelphia Mayoral race in 2023. They hold a Master of Science in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania, where they focused on public health and reproductive justice. In their free time, Lindy likes to write, paint, read, learn languages, and explore cities with their best friend, Ali. Lindy currently splits her time between Baltimore and Philly, and hopes to adopt a dog soon. For those wondering, her family’s dog Peasy, pictured here, is (tragically) not hers.

Lindy uses she/her/hers or they/them/theirs pronouns.

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