In Washington, DC

The JUFJ Campaign Fund D.C. Council Scorecard

Over the last several years, the Council has made many policy decisions that moved the District forward – or held us back – on issues of social, racial, and economic justice.

At the heart of these issues is the question, will we be a city where anyone can live a good and dignified life? Will we be a city where longtime Black and brown residents who struggle for that good life, get to benefit from growing prosperity? Or are we a city for the privileged and wealthy, where poor and working-class Black and brown people get only crumbs?

In the day-to-day work of government it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. We, the volunteers, staff, and community of the Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, hope this resource provides a comprehensive look at Councilmembers’ leadership, and a picture of how every vote adds up to that big picture. We hope these facts tell a story about what issues Councilmembers have made a priority to advance, what issues they have let languish, who is leading the way, and whose votes are holding us back as a city.

DC Council Scorecard with faces of 2019-2020 DC CouncilmembersJews United for Justice Campaign Fund DC Council Endorsements: Erin Palmer, Council Chair; Brianne Nadeau, Ward 1; Zachary Parker, Ward 5; Charles Allen, Ward 6