In Washington, DC

The Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund scored five amendment votes at today’s DC Council budget hearing based on whether they advanced a #JustRecoveryDC.

Four of the amendments passed, bringing us closer to a budget that advances racial equity by investing in DC’s Black and brown communities. Three of the successful amendments raised new revenue by scaling back ineffective corporate giveaways and asking our wealthiest residents to pay their fair share of taxes.

The fourth successful amendment transfers administration of school security contracts from the Metropolitan Police Department to DC Public Schools, an important step in moving toward safe and police-free learning environments.

Councilmembers Brianne Nadeau (Ward 1), Trayon White (Ward 8), and Robert White and Elissa Silverman (At Large) earned a perfect 5 out of 5 score today on our budget scorecard.

We further thank Councilmember Nadeau for attempting to advance necessary expansions to DC’s rent control laws by removing a provision in the budget that could lock the District into a broken rent control system for the next decade; this amendment was pulled before a vote could occur. We are also grateful to Councilmember Robert White for leading on the amendment to ensure DC’s public housing units are safe, clean, and dignified for all residents. Public housing repairs must be the top priority in DC’s capital budget; had that amendment passed it would have made that priority clear for the city.

We are disappointed that Chairman Mendelson and Councilmembers Mary Cheh (Ward 3), Brandon Todd (Ward 4), and Anita Bonds (At Large) repeatedly put corporate interests over DC residents’ urgent needs like affordable housing, health care, and community safety.

As the budget advances to a second reading, we urge the Council to fully fund essential public services, expand rent control, and shift money away from the MPD. There are still too many unmet needs, and now is the time for bold leadership that advances racial justice beyond mere rhetoric. When a clear supermajority of Washingtonians say ‘raise taxes’ to create a just recovery, our leaders must heed that call.

Scored Budget Vote Results

Delay corporate tax break* Lower threshold for estate tax* Eliminate the QHTC tax cut* Move school security from MPD to DCPS* Funding for public housing repairs** Total Score
Brianne Nadeau (1) Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Trayon White (8) Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Robert White (AL) Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Elissa Silverman (AL) Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Charles Allen (6) Y Y Y Y N 4/5
Vincent Gray (7) Y Y Y Y N 4/5
David Grosso (AL) Y Y Y Y N 4/5
Brooke Pinto (2) Y N Y N Y 3/5
Kenyan McDuffie (5) Y Y N Y N 3/5
Mary Cheh (3) Y N Y N N 2/5
Anita Bonds (AL) Y N Y N N 2/5
Brandon Todd (4) Y N N N N 1/5
Phil Mendelson (AL) Y N N N N 1/5


**did not pass

Earlier this Council session, the JUFJ Campaign Fund scored four additional votes, which will be included on our complete 2020 scorecard released in early 2021. These votes occurred prior to the resignation of disgraced former Councilmember Jack Evans (Ward 2).

Earlier Scored Vote Results

Scale back the QHTC tax cut* Block tax cut for wealthy homeowners* Block corrupt gambling contract** Remove Evans from committees**
Brianne Nadeau (1) Y Y Y Y
Jack Evans (2) Y Y N N
Mary Cheh (3) Y Y Y Y
Brandon Todd (4) N Y N N
Kenyan McDuffie (5) N Y N N
Charles Allen (6) Y Y Y Y
Vincent Gray (7) Y Y N N
Trayon White (8) Y Y parental leave parental leave
Anita Bonds (AL) N Y N N
David Grosso (AL) Y Y Y Y
Phil Mendelson (AL) N Y N N
Elissa Silverman (AL) Y Y Y Y
Robert White (AL) Y Y N Y


**did not pass