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February 12, 2019



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The JUFJ Campaign Fund Releases 2018 DC Council Scorecard

Scorecard measures Councilmember performance on racial, economic, and social justice votes.


Councilmembers Allen, Cheh, Nadeau, and Silverman lead the way, with Allen and Cheh demonstrating significant improvement compared to the previous year.


Councilmembers Evans, Mendelson, and Todd earned the lowest scores.



WASHINGTON – The JUFJ Campaign Fund, a sister organization of Jews United for Justice, announced the publication of its 2018 legislative scorecard for the Council of the District of Columbia. The scorecard rated votes on 15 critical pieces of legislation affecting racial, economic, and social justice.


Councilmembers Charles Allen, Mary Cheh, Brianne Nadeau, and Elissa Silverman were the only legislators who achieved 100% scores. Robert White, Jr. followed with a score of 93%, with Trayon White, Sr. and David Grosso both scoring 87%. Chairman Phil Mendelson and Councilmembers Brandon Todd and Jack Evans earned the lowest scores, indicating that they were most frequently at odds with an agenda focused on a more inclusive, just, and equitable District. The scorecard and an explanation of the methodology behind it is available at


“The DC Council Scorecard is a way to bring accountability to key Council votes,” said Jacob Feinspan, Executive Director of the JUFJ Campaign Fund. “The Council is dealing with important questions about DC’s future. Will this be a city where people can afford to live and where all people, regardless of race or wealth, are treated with dignity and respect? The scorecard indicates which Councilmembers are champions of economic and racial justice, and which are blocking necessary action.”


The DC Council is composed entirely of Democratic and progressive independent members, and yet the scorecard identifies significant differences on issues facing DC. The scorecard tracked votes on issues including decriminalizing Metro fare evasion, new funding to end homelessness, protecting low income residents from debt collectors, strengthening rent control, affordable childcare, clean energy, campaign finance reform, raising the minimum wage for tipped workers, and more.


“I’m pleased to see that councilmembers Allen, Cheh, Nadeau, and Silverman used their leadership last year to make our city more equitable and fair for all residents,” said Rebecca Barson, a Ward 3 resident and Chair of the JUFJ Campaign Fund Core Team. “Since we released the first scorecard last spring, our team of volunteer leaders from across the District has been organizing house meetings with Councilmembers, hosting scorecard discussions with JUFJ and the JUFJ Campaign Fund’s base, and engaging in ongoing issue and electoral campaign work. We will continue to use this tool to celebrate the bold votes of Councilmembers who are leading us forward, and demand change from those perpetuating an unjust status quo.”


The DC Council Scorecard is being released at a critical moment, just as the Council begins work on a new budget and as incumbents and challengers prepare for the 2020 elections. Inspired by sacred Jewish texts, Jewish history, and our love of the District of Columbia, the JUFJ Campaign Fund works in alliance with a diverse array of local partner organizations, seeks to educate voters, and holds elected officials accountable.


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