In Montgomery County, we are proud to endorse

Marc Elrich for County Executive (

Gabe Albornoz for County Council At Large (
Brandy Brooks for County Council At Large (
Hans Riemer for County Council At Large (
Chris Wilhelm for County Council At Large (

Reggie Oldak for County Council, District 1 (
Ben Shnider
for County Council, District 3 (
Nancy Navarro
for County Council, District 4 (
Tom Hucker
for County Council, District 5 (

The JUFJ Campaign Fund is not endorsing candidates in the other races on the Montgomery County primary ballot. To compare some of our partner organizations’ endorsements in races for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Congress, the Maryland General Assembly, and the Montgomery County Board of Education, click below.

About our Endorsed Candidates

On the Montgomery County Council, Marc Elrich was the lead sponsor and champion of the Fight for $15 bill that passed last year, making MoCo the first suburban district in the nation to commit to a $15 hourly minimum wage. As a former teacher, he will fight to make sure everyone has access to quality public education, and he is committed to enacting policies that will reduce racial inequity in MoCo.

Gabe Albornoz knows how to make government work for the people who need the most help, as evidenced by his outstanding leadership at the Department of Recreation. His depth of knowledge means he is ready to lead from day one, and he is committed to ensuring County government serves all members of our community.

Brandy Brooks is a community organizer with a powerful vision. She has already brought many new voices to the table during her campaign, and with her leadership on the Council, we can bring transformative change to Montgomery County. She is working for a county that provides excellent education, transportation, economic opportunity, and housing to all residents.

Hans Riemer is a proven incumbent leader who has stood with the JUFJ Campaign Fund. As current Council President, he is supporting our immigrant neighbors and strategically expanding access to quality Early Childhood Education. There is much more we can do with Councilmember Riemer in his next four years.

Chris Wilhelm will be a progressive champion on the Montgomery County Council. His experience as an ESOL teacher gives him an important perspective on critical issues facing our County, and we are impressed with his thoughtful and comprehensive proposals to address those issues.

As a tax attorney and advocate for women’s issues, Reggie Oldak has both the professional experience to be an outstanding Councilmember and a proven commitment to the values that are important to the JUFJ Campaign Fund. Our many members who live in District 1 are excited to be supporting Reggie’s candidacy.

Ben Shnider (District 3) has been a tireless champion of living wages, access to public transportation and education, and affordable housing for everyone in Montgomery County. He has fought for social justice with Jewish nonprofits throughout the region, and his strategic vision is what Council needs to keep moving in the right direction.

Nancy Navarro is an experienced, effective incumbent leader from District 4 who continues to lead on issues that are important to the JUFJ Campaign Fund. Most recently, she is advancing a policy that will require the County Council to consider racial, economic, and gender equity in future budget and policy decision making.

During his time on the County Council, incumbent Tom Hucker (District 5) has stood with the JUFJ Campaign Fund for Earned Sick Leave and a strong $15 Minimum Wage. He is committed to bringing together broad-based coalitions to work with the County Council to find real solutions for our local challenges.

Click below to see the questions we asked candidates in order to consider endorsing them.

Montgomery County Staff